• Canadian Gas Dialogues 2021


 Innovation and Canada’s Natural Gas

Value Chain: 21st Century Energy, 21st Century Opportunity

Calgary Petroleum Club, Devonian Room


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07h00 Registration & Breakfast  Courtesy of ABB
08h00 Welcome and keynote introduction  Tim Egan, Canadian Gas Association 
08h05-08h35 Keynote address  Dale Nally, Associate Minister, Natural Gas & Electricity 
08h35-09h35  Session 1 – Energy for a 21st Century Economy

Moderator: Mel Ydreos, EnergyVantage (Joining via video link)

Orlando Cabrales, CEO Frontera, Colombia (Joining via video link)

Khaled Abubakr, CEO TAQA, Egypt (Joining via video link)

Andrea Stegher, Senior Vice Present Commercial & Stakeholder Engagement, Snam (Joining via video link)

Karen Harbert, President, American Gas Association  (Joining via video link)

09h35-10h00 Networking Break  

Session 2a – Building Canada’s Low Emission Gaseous Pathways


Alternative fuels

Moderator: David Layzell 

Greg Caldwell, ATCO 

Cynthia Hansen, Enbridge 

Curtis Philippon, Certarus 

10h45-11h30 Session 2b – Building Canada’s Low Emission Gaseous Pathways 

Avoided and Captured Emissions

Moderator: Chris Bloomer, CEPA 

Stephane Germaine, CEO, GHGSat  (Joining via video link)

Scott Volk, Tourmaline Oil 

Anna Stukas, VP Business Development, Carbon Engineering (Joining via video link)

Jason Chadwick, VP business development, Entropy

11h30-11h45  Presentation of IGRC 2024  Tim Egan/Julie Gaudreau

 Luncheon and Armchair Discussion - Courtesy of Halliburton

Mac Van Wielingen

Jason Switzer, VP Growth & Capital Markets, Foresight 

David Tiley, public equities, AIMCo 

Greg Heath, head, Canadian E&P, RBC Capital Markets 

13h15-14h15  Session 3 – Managing Policy Challenges 

Moderator: Gary Mar, CEO, Canada West Foundation

Working with Municipalities: Lori Ackerman, Fort St. John  

Working with Markets: Peter Schriber, Xpansiv   

Working with Renewables: Graeme Feltham, president, Apex Utilities

14h15-14h45   Networking Break  Courtesy of Enbridge
14h45-15h30   Session 4a - Emerging Opportunities

Emerging Markets

Moderator: Dale Lunan 

Travis Balaski, IPC 

Mike Leclair, FortisBC 

Paul Schwartz, ThermoLift 

Charlie Ker, CNGVA 

15h30-16h45 Session 4b - Emerging Opportunities

Emerging Gas Energy Leaders

Moderator: Tim McMillan 

Crystal Smith, Haisla Nation (Joining via video link)

Brad Hayes, Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. 

Wayne Prins, Executive Director, Christian Labour Association of Canada 

John Adams, NGIF 

16h45-17h30 Networking Reception  Courtesy of Fortis BC

 Sessions Outlines:

Session 1 – Energy for a 21st Century Economy

Natural gas is seen as critical in the ongoing evolution of a lower emission energy economy. This panel, comprised of global leaders in natural gas, will explore the role for the cleanest fossil fuel as the world advances on the various targets being set.

Session 2a – Building Canada’s Low Emission Gaseous Pathways – Alternative fuels

As the search for lower emission energy continues, hydrogen and renewable natural gas are emerging as key complements to natural gas in various applications. This session will discuss how blue and green hydrogen and RNG can contribute to Canada’s emission reduction efforts.

Session 2b – Building Canada’s Low Emission Gaseous Pathways – Avoided and Captured Emissions

While natural gas remains a critical fuel in the energy system, equally critical is reducing emissions along the natural gas value chain and capturing those emissions when they can’t be avoided. From satellite monitoring to innovations in point-source and direct air capture, this panel will examine how best to ensure natural gas remains relevant and sustainable in the energy system of the future.

Overview of Gas Pathways and IGRC2024

The Canadian Gas Association, which holds Canada’s seat in the global industry association - the International Gas Union - will host the IGU’s 2024 International Gas Research Conference in Banff. CGA CEO Timothy Egan and IGRC Executive Director Julie Gaudreau will discuss the conference and the creation of Gas Pathways, a new multi-media communication platform dedicated to innovation and technology that will help promote IGRC2024.

Luncheon and Armchair Discussion

The global energy transition presents a long and winding road for all stakeholders, and is more of an evolution than a revolution. With broad macro factors involved and no silver bullet to net zero, there are multiple overlapping objectives, some of which clash with others, and some which complement. In a wide-ranging discussion with Canadian capital providers, industry thought leader Mac Van Wielingen will discuss the strategic mindset that will be needed if Canada is to meet its net zero aspirations.

Session 3 – Managing Policy Challenges

In Canada, most federal policy initiatives are directed towards encouraging investments in renewable energy technologies, broader electrification of many sectors of the economy, support for municipalities as they develop green energy pathways, and support for companies searching to move away from fossil energy. This panel will discuss how Canada’s natural gas industry can remain relevant in the face of those policy challenges.

Session 4a – Emerging Opportunities – Emerging Markets

Rapid innovation in delivering cleaner natural gas is opening many on-ramps to a lower emission future, with new markets emerging for natural gas in remote power, marine fuel, home heating and cooling, on-road transportation and other applications. This panel will discuss some of these.

Session 4b – Emerging Opportunities – Energy Leadership for the Future

A new breed of Canadian thought leaders is emerging in the midst of the very challenging energy conversation occurring today. In this panel, a few of those leaders – representing First Nations, energy workers, technology innovators and social media commentators – discuss how they are building the future energy system and supporting Canada’s natural gas industry.

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