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    Canada’s Gas Utilities Want a Hydrogen Dialogue


Canada can become a world leader in hydrogen deployment, CGA says

by: Dale Lunan

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Canada’s Gas Utilities Want a Hydrogen Dialogue

The Canadian Gas Association (CGA), which represents the country’s natural gas delivery industry, said July 7 it is prepared to play a leadership role in the integration of hydrogen into Canada’s energy system, and is calling on government and stakeholders to develop the conditions necessary for the country to become a global leader in hydrogen deployment.

Along with many other countries, Canada is working on a national hydrogen strategy, led by Natural Resources Canada, that will help define some of the parameters for the many interested players who want to see Canada realise its hydrogen advantage.

“Our work to develop a hydrogen strategy for Canada draws on the strong relationship between hydrogen production and Canada’s natural gas industry,” said Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s minister of natural resources. “This is central to building the net-zero energy future that Canadians want and deserve.”

To complement the hydrogen strategy, the CGA is recommending the creation of a task force that would focus on near-term hydrogen opportunities in a select number of high-priority cities and regions.  

“As Canada looks at its long-term energy future, there are exciting opportunities in hydrogen production and delivery,” CGA CEO Timothy Egan said. “Our natural gas delivery industry has the infrastructure, innovation, expertise and strong standards to play a foundational role in the hydrogen opportunity for Canada. The dynamic combination of natural gas, the gaseous fuel delivery system and hydrogen production will be essential to Canada reaching its economic and environmental goals.”

Taking advantage of hydrogen opportunities, the CGA said, will help Canada meet its emission reduction targets under the Paris Agreement: third-party studies have already indicated that Canada as the potential to produce some of the world’s lowest-cost, lowest-emitting hydrogen.

“But delivering that hydrogen will require, like natural gas requires today, robust and reliable energy infrastructure,” the CGA said. “Canada’s natural gas delivery industry has the system required – the underground pipes, the storage and the know-how.”

The CGA has begun a variety of projects to blend hydrogen into existing natural gas networks across Canada – early-stage initiatives that it says show promise in several regions and that draw on different technologies, fuel sources and industry players.

“Hydrogen created from renewable energy or from natural gas with carbon capture and storage can play a key role in decarbonising Canada’s energy system” said Linda Coady, executive director of Pembina Institute. “Pembina Institute welcomes a national dialogue on the role of hydrogen as a contributing pathway to net zero emissions and as an opportunity to develop a new clean economy for Canada.”