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    C4T Opens French Natgas Filling Station


The station is partly intended for traffic heading north to UK.

by: William Powell

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C4T Opens French Natgas Filling Station

The filling-station company C4T Europe opened October 1 a mobile LNG-CNG supply point for cars to heavy goods vehicles in northern France, near the port of Calais and the Eurotunnel. The site is "a strategic point for national and international transport as it is the gateway to the UK. It is a mobile station designed and manufactured by HAM Group," HAM said October 5.

The mobile unit will be replaced at some point by a fixed gas station, which will also be designed and built by HAM. "Thanks to this agreement, C4T Europe and HAM have managed to shorten start-up times for the new station and allow LNG-CNG users to refuel 24 hours a day throughout the year.... With the installation of the new mobile unit, HAM makes available to all its customers an extensive network made up of 72 service stations, between fixed and mobile, located in Spain and the main European road transport routes," HAM said. 

The mobile service station allows refuelling CNG to cars, light vehicles and trucks; and LNG to heavy vehicles. C4T customers will be able to enjoy all the advantages of CNG-LNG, environmentally friendly fuels that reduce emissions of CO2, fine particles and nitrogen oxides. In addition, they are cheaper fuels, which allow customers to save between 30-50%, with the cheapest retail price in France.