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    Bulgartransgaz Trading Platform Starts Jan 2


Traders and end-users will be able to benefit from the Trayport platform.

by: William Powell

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Bulgartransgaz Trading Platform Starts Jan 2

Gas trading at the Bulgarian gas hub will start January 2, state pipeline operator Bulgartransgaz said December 19. The electronic platform, built by Trayport, covers short and longer term delivery periods and broking services, all done anonymously. Short term extends from within day to balance of week and weekends. The long-term segment of the trading platform will offer single or multiples of month, quarter and annual contracts, out to five years. 

The brokering service allows end-users and suppliers directly connected to the transmission system to buy gas without the need for membership of the trading platform or for network access and transmission services.

Nearly all the gas in the system is Russian in origin, but gas from Azerbaijan will enter the mix next year when the interconnector with Greece is built.