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    Brazil greenlights LNG-to-power facility


The first phase of operations could supply power to the demands of 6mn households.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Brazil greenlights LNG-to-power facility

A Brazilian regulator gave the authorisation for the start of commercial operations at a $1bn LNG-to-power plant at the Port of Acu, the project's partners announced September 16.

Brazil’s Gas Natural Acu (GNA), a joint venture between BP, Siemens and Brazilian partners, said it received authority from the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency to start operations at a facility that could supply enough power to meet the demands from 6mn households in Brazil.

A second phase of operations could more than double the designed power capacity at the facility located at Brazil’s third-largest port. The port itself is situated near gas-producing fields and transmission lines.

“We went into operation at a crucial moment for the country by bringing reliable energy to the system from LNG, which is a cleaner fuel and considered a catalyst for the global energy transition,” GNA CEO Bernardo Perseke said.

Brazil’s role as an increasingly important LNG market has gained impetus this year, owing to regulatory changes in the gas sector and continued problems in the hydro industry, which currently accounts for about 65% of the country’s electricity generation.

LNG accounted for 23% of the gas market in Brazil in first-quarter 2021.