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    BP Invests in US Protein Start-up


The aim is to produce sustainable food for livestock.

by: William Powell

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BP Invests in US Protein Start-up

BP Ventures announced June 27 that it has invested $30mn in US alternative protein producer Calysta.

The US company will use BP’s natural gas to produce protein for fish, livestock and pet feeds, the UK major said. The investment supports BP’s strategy of creating new markets in which gas can play a material role in delivering a more sustainable future, it added.

Calysta's process grows a naturally occurring bacteria in a proprietary fermenter using methane as its carbon and energy source. This creates a single cell protein that is harvested and dried prior to being pelletised. It may then be fed to fish, livestock and pet nutritional products.

The product is a substitute for other protein sources such as fishmeal and soy protein concentrate. The innovative process has the potential to help meet the growing demand for feed in the aquaculture and wider agriculture markets without some of the environmental impacts of current sourcing methods.

BP said that pairing Calysta’s exciting technology and entrepreneurial drive with BP’s global scale and gas market expertise would "create a partnership that offers the opportunity to improve food security and sustainability for the world’s growing population.”

FeedKind protein is already being produced from the company’s facility in Teesside, England to support market development activities with animal nutrition companies around the world.