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    BP achieves first gas early off Trinidad & Tobago


The UK company said natural gas was part of the economy’s energy transition.

by: Daniel Graeber

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BP achieves first gas early off Trinidad & Tobago

UK energy company BP said September 20 it achieved first gas from its Matapal project in Trinidad and Tobago under budget and ahead of schedule.

The company said gas from the Matapal project will go to the domestic market. The initial range of production capacity is between 250mn and 350mn ft3/d of natural gas once all three wells are at their peak.

Trinidad and Tobago is expected to contribute around 25%, or 820mn ft3/day, of the Americas natural gas production in 2025 from planned and announced projects, according to GlobalData.

“Natural gas will play an important role in the energy transition and to the economy of Trinidad and Tobago for decades to come,” said BP’s subsidiary president Claire Fitzpatrick. “We are committed to a strong energy future in Trinidad and Tobago and this project plays a critical role in delivering that.“

With 15 offshore production platforms, the regional subsidiary of BP is the largest producer in the country, accounting for about 55% of the net gas output.