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    Bolivia’s YPFB To Add New Gas Production in 2019


New production to support gas exports.

by: Pietro D. Pitts

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Bolivia’s YPFB To Add New Gas Production in 2019

Bolivia’s state oil company Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) will add 4mn m3/day of gas to the country’s production profile this year, Bolivia’s official information agency ABI said March 24.

YPFB has earmarked investment of $1.45bn in 2019 targeting exploration, exploitation and development activities to boost lagging gas reserves and production. The additional gas will help fulfill existing gas sales contracts with Brazil and Argentina, ABI said, citing Bolivia’s president Evo Morales.

Investments to date have allowed Bolivia to slow declines in gas production, Morales said. “The gas to come online this year will assist the country lift production to around 60mn m3/day from 56mn m3/day,” Morales said.