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    Baker Hughes, SRI, team up on novel CCS method


A salt solution could lower total emissions and water usage in carbon storage technology.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Baker Hughes, SRI, team up on novel CCS method

Upstream services company Baker Hughes said March 29 it signed an exclusive agreement with SRI International to use salt solutions to facilitate carbon capture and storage (CCS).

The companies signed a global exclusive licensing agreement to utilise a mixed-salt process (MSP) to capture CO2. MSP uses salt solutions from potassium and ammonia that can reduce, among other things, total emissions and water usage.

“The Mixed Salt Process combines an efficient, post-combustion carbon capture process that uses a novel solvent formulation that relies on commodity chemicals,” SRI International president Manish Kothari said.

Baker Hughes said the advancement of CCS technologies like these contributes to global efforts to limit emissions. For the energy and industrial sectors, the company said CCS was the “most viable” pathway towards decarbonisation for both existing assets and new projects.

SRI already has support from the US Department of Energy and the US National Energy Technology Laboratory to develop MSP technology further.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has described CCS facilities as integral components of a carbon-neutral future, though cost can be an impediment. In January, the IEA noted that, even with the pandemic, total investments committed globally to CCS last year were around $4.5bn.