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    Baker Hughes Reveals Iraqi Gas Processing Award


The plant will handle gas currently flared at nearby oilfields, reducing annual CO2 emissions by around 6mn mt/yr.

by: Joe Murphy

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Baker Hughes Reveals Iraqi Gas Processing Award

US firm Baker Hughes has won a contract for designing, manufacturing and constructing a 200mn ft3/day integrated gas processing and production facility in Iraq's Dhi Qar province, the company reported in an earnings call in late January.

The plant will handle gas that is currently flared at the southern Nassirya and Gharraf oilfields, resulting in an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of around 6mn metric tons. Iraq is the second-worst gas flarer in the world after Russia, having burnt some 18bn m3 of gas in 2019, according to the World Bank.

The deal was awarded in the fourth quarter by Iraq's state-owned South Gas Co (SGC). Baker Hughes will also work as an overall solutions provider for SGC, overseeing the facility's start-up and supplying compression equipment, digital monitoring systems and multiple services.

The contract appears to replace an earlier one secured by Baker Hughes in August 2018 for a 200mn ft3/day plant to handle gas from Nassirya and Gharraf. That earlier facility had been due to start up in 2021. Baker Hughes did not disclose the timeframe for completing the new project.