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    Avenir LNG Takes Delivery of Large Bunkering Vessel


The 'Allegiance' (pictured, courtesy of Avenir) is the biggest of its kind for the operator.

by: William Powell

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Avenir LNG Takes Delivery of Large Bunkering Vessel

UK-based Avenir LNG has announced the launch of the 20,000-m³ Avenir Allegiance, the world’s largest dual-purpose, LNG supply and bunkering vessel. Avenir is due to take delivery of the vessel from CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering in the third quarter of this year.

Allegiance will be Cayman Island flagged and the fourth of six newbuilds delivered to Avenir LNG. Avenir’s first, Avenir Advantage, was delivered in October 2020. Next up this year are the Avenir Accolade, Aspiration (launched January 8), Allegiance, Ascension and Achievement.  

Avenir LNG said January 28 that the vessel was a "clear demonstration of our commitment to developing new LNG supply chains globally. She will play a critical role in helping the shipping industry to transition to LNG as a more environmentally sustainable fuel. The Allegiance will operate as both an LNG bunkering vessel and an LNG supply vessel. This highly flexible vessel underscores our strategy of simultaneously unlocking multiple new LNG markets with multi-functional assets. We can deliver LNG to a broad range of customers from a single vessel, improving efficiency in the LNG supply chain and ultimately reducing costs to our end-customers.”