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    Australian LNG exports decline in April


Exports declined 4% month/month.

by: Shardul Sharma

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Australian LNG exports decline in April

Australian LNG exports in April were 6.9mn metric tons (mt), down 4.1% month/month, energy consultancy EnergyQuest said on May 13. The country exported a record 7.2mn mt of LNG in March.

Exports to China have not been impacted despite rising trade tensions between the two countries. Australian projects delivered 43 cargoes to China in April, nearly a record, after delivering 29 in March and 40 in April 2020, EnergyQuest said.

However, Bloomberg reported earlier this week that second-tier Chinese LNG importers had been ordered to stop procurement of the fuel from Australia.

EnergyQuest said that lack of gas for LNG projects is a bigger threat to LNG exports than anything China might do. "In particular production from the North West Shelf is soon expected to start declining and the same is likely with some of the Queensland projects later this decade," it added.