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    Australia, Germany Form Hydrogen Pact


Australia's government is seeking a research and industry consortium to partner with German companies on the study.

by: Joe Murphy

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Australia, Germany Form Hydrogen Pact

Australia and Germany have agreed to undertake a joint feasibility study on potentially forming a supply chain for hydrogen produced from renewable energy between the two countries, Australia's government said on September 11.

The study will cover the production, storage, transport and use of renewable hydrogen, assessing current technology and research and identifying barriers for the development of a hydrogen industry. The government said it was seeking an Australian research and industry consortium to partner with German industry on the study.

Australia published its national hydrogen strategy in November last year, in which it set out plans to become an exporter of the fuel. It wants to produce so-called green hydrogen from water, using electrolysis powered by renewable energy. But it is also looking to develop hydrogen from gas and coal with other techniques, using carbon, capture and technology to make the processes clean.

Germany released its strategy for hydrogen in June, in which it has rules out support for any types of hydrogen other than green.