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    Aussie east coast LNG exports up 5% in May


Month-on-month, exports rose by 1.6%.

by: Shardul Sharma

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Aussie east coast LNG exports up 5% in May

LNG exports from the three projects on the Australian east coast in May totalled 1.92mn metric tons, representing a 5% increase compared with the same period last year, according to Gladstone Port Corp. data published on June 6. Month-on-month, exports rose by 1.6%.

In terms of destination countries, China received 1.17mn mt of LNG, up from 1.01mn mt in May 2022. South Korea imported 226,018 mt, a decrease from 275,710 mt in May 2022. Singapore's imports stood at 209,303 mt, compared with 120,744 mt in the previous year, while Malaysia imported 248,353 mt, up from 184,091 mt in the same period last year.

The three east coast projects involved in these exports are Australia Pacific LNG, Gladstone LNG, and Queensland Curtis LNG. In 2022, LNG exports from these projects amounted to 22.64mn mt, slightly down from the record high of 23.47mn mt in 2021.