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    Atlanta Gas Light to expand Georgian LNG storage plant


The company will add a second storage tank at the plant.

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Atlanta Gas Light to expand Georgian LNG storage plant

Atlanta Gas Light, a subsidiary of Georgian gas and power utility Southern Company, announced on April 19 it was doubling the size of its LNG storage facility in Georgia's Cherokee county. The expansion will enable it to stock up more gas when prices are lower and supply more to customers when demand is peaking, it said.

Atlanta Gas Light will add a second storage tank at the plant, built in 1988. Construction will be completed in phases over the next three years, it said.

"LNG storage is a valuable asset for our system that affords us more flexibility to meet the increasing demand for natural gas from our customers," Atlanta Gas Light CEO Pedro Cherry said. "The project helps ensure our ability to provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to the communities we serve when demand is at its highest."

The second tank is being added as part of Atlanta Gas Light's Integrated Capacity Development Plan (i-CDP), approved by Georgia's public service commission in November 2021. The plan will also see Atlanta Gas Light continue modernising its pipeline network and build the 45-km Chumming to Hall County pipeline.

Atlanta Gas Light is one of four natural gas distribution firms owned by Southern Company, alone providing gas to around 1.7mn customers in Georgia. Southern Company has 4.3mn gas customers across four states.