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    Angola produces daily 18 , 000 barrels LNG



In order to raise LNG production capacity, Angola invests in infrastructure in associated offshore gas fields.

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Angola produces daily 18 , 000 barrels LNG

The Oil Minister of Angola , Botelho de Vasconcelos , declared in the opening of The Oil Ministry's Broad Consultative Council , ( taking place from May 22-24 , In Lobito) the capital of Beguela province on country's LNG production capacities.

According to the minister, Angola has reached between 2012  and 2013 an average production of 18 , 000 barrels per day . This average is calculated on the basis of cumulative total of 13.1 million barrels/year. The production was respectively 6.4 million in 2012 and 6.6 million in 2013 and in 2012.

Minister also added , the refinery of Luanda province processed during 2012 a total of 2.4 million metric tons of crude oil whereas in 2013 it yielded 2. 2 million. This new figure represents 11.2 percent rise in oil production sector of Angola. On the LNG side , objectives are not lower . The Minister told , the objectives of Angola LNG project is to receive one billion cubic feet of gas per day of associated gas from offshore fields and to produce 5. 2 million LNG per year . Angola's long term growing strategy is for ten blocs in onshore areas of the basins of Cuanza (KON3 , KON5 , KON6 , 7,8,9 and KON17) and Low Cuanza - CON1 , CON5 and CON6 , as well as assessment of five other blocs by the State-Run Oil company "Sonangol".