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    Amazon Orders NatGas Trucks for Heavy Transport [CORRECTION]


Corrects from original media reports

by: Dale Lunan

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Amazon Orders NatGas Trucks for Heavy Transport [CORRECTION]

Online retailer Amazon is looking at ways to move its US delivery fleet away from trucks fuelled by gasoline and diesel, and has ordered hundreds of natural gas-powered trucks from a joint venture of Canada’s Westport Fuel Systems and Columbus-based Cummins, according to media reports on February 5.

The company, already the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy, is looking at ways to make its delivery services more sustainable, and already uses thousands of electric vehicles worldwide. Last week, it rolled out the first of 100,000 electric vans it intends to use for last-mile deliveries and has acquired 1,800 electric vans from Mercedes Benz for its European fleet.

“Amazon is excited about introducing new sustainable solutions for freight transportation and is working on testing a number of new vehicle types including electric, CNG and others,” the company said in a statement published by Reuters news agency.

The Cummins-Westport engines, it said, will be used for Amazon’s heavy-duty trucks operating between warehouses and distribution centres. They will be able to run on either fossil natural gas or renewable natural gas.