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    Algeria, Equatorial Guinea Ink Gas Pact


Equatorial Guinea hopes for a major knowledge-transfer so that it can develop a domestic gas business of its own.

by: William Powell

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Algeria, Equatorial Guinea Ink Gas Pact

Equatorial Guinea's Sonagas and Algerian Sonelgas have signed a co-operation agreement on gas transmission, distribution and efficiency, the west African country's energy ministry said November 28. Equatorial Guinea is developing its Gas Megahub project which aims to make the country a regional hub for gas distribution, it added.

The agreement covers the regulatory framework for the gas sector, the transport and distribution of gas through pipelines, the supply and installation of gas meters and all other areas of the energy sector of mutual interest. The Algerian government is focused on strengthening the role of its gas sector in its national and international economy, as well as optimising energy efficiency.

The agreement aims to develop skills, partnerships and the sharing of best practices on gas and energy issues.