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    AGR to Advise Norway on CCS


The Norwegian services group has worked on various CCUS projects across the world.

by: Joe Murphy

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AGR to Advise Norway on CCS

Norwegian services firm AGR will provide advisory services to Norway's state-owned Gassnova to develop technology and solutions for the cost-efficient capture and storage of CO2, it said on February 16.

Under a two-year framework agreement, AGR will serve as a technical advisor, offering its expertise across geoscience, reservoir drilling and well engineering disciplines in addition to facilities and cost engineering. The deal can be extended for a further two years.

"As the Norwegian government actively progresses its carbon neutral strategy, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) is a key method for tackling climate change and achieving low emissions targets," AGR CEO Svein Sollund said. "At AGR, we have worked with the Gassnova team closely over many years with the Longship full scale project being the most recent."

Longship is a kroner 25.1bn ($3bn) carbon capture and storage (CCS) project that Norway is developing, initially to store CO2 from a cement factory and a waste incineration facility. At a later stage it will handle emissions from other industries in Norway and elsewhere in Europe. The project's offshore section is known as Northern Lights, and is led by Norway's Equinor, Anglo-Dutch Shell and France's Total. Total gave cost details of the two-phase project at an analysts' call earlier this month.

AGR has supported CCUS projects across the world, including providing CO2 storage site subsurface analysis on the UK continental shelf and risk assessment and mitigation plans on potential CO₂ leaks on a producing North Sea gas field, and managing the drilling of an appraisal well for a potential storage site off the coast of Australia.