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    AG&P starts work on LCNG station in south India


The LCNG station is the second in the state of Andhra Pradesh and third in South India.

by: Shardul Sharma

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AG&P starts work on LCNG station in south India

AG&P Pratham, a unit of Singapore-based AG&P, has started work on a liquefied compressed natural gas (LCNG) station in the state of Andhra Pradesh, AG&P said on December 27. The LCNG station is the second in the state and third in South India.

Located at YSR Kadapa district, the station comprises two storage tanks with a capacity of 56 KL of LNG storage and gasification. The LCNG station will provide natural gas to commercial, industrial, and residential customers and supply CNG to cars, taxis, and buses.


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AG&P Pratham has two CNG stations in operation currently in the YSR Kadapa district with 10 more to be commissioned by March 2022, the company said. In addition, AG&P Pratham is laying pipelines in YSR Kadapa town and industrial estate Putlampalli IDA to deliver piped natural gas (PNG) directly into homes, businesses, and factories.

“Over the next eight years, we will be building nine LCNG stations and 134 CNG stations in YSR Kadapa and Anantapur, connecting factories, small-mid-large scale companies, over 10,00,000 households and the transport sector, ensuring reliable supply of this safe, competitive and eco-friendly fuel,” said Chiradeep Dutta, COO, AG&P Pratham.

AG&P City Gas is developing 12 city gas distribution networks in India under the brand name AG&P Pratham. In its 12 concessions, AG&P is responsible for developing and operating CNG stations for vehicles, PNG to homes, and the distribution of LNG to industrial and commercial customers. City gas projects in India benefit from marketing exclusivity in their designated areas for eight to ten years and construction exclusivity of related infrastructure for 25 years.

Last week, AG&P City Gas received a $120mn investment from Osaka Gas and Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (JOIN).