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    Advocacy groups laud increased RNG use in California


Renewable natural gas as a fuel source saw usage soar over the last few years.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Advocacy groups laud increased RNG use in California

Advocacy groups for alternative fuels said June 2 that nearly all of the vehicles on California roads powered by natural gas utilised renewable forms of the fuel last year.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America and the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas said data show renewable natural gas (RNG) as a transportation fuel saw usage increase 177% over the last five years. Last year, 164.8mn gallons of natural gas were used as a fuel resource, of which 152.4mn was from renewable resources.

Apart from lowering the carbon intensity, RNG-fueled vehicles emit almost no emissions of nitrogen oxide when compared with vehicles running on conventional fuels.

“These numbers highlight the essential role RNG plays in achieving carbon neutrality,” Johannes Escudero, the founder of the RNG coalition, said. “RNG is a unique renewable energy source as it addresses the problem of waste management while mitigating climate challenges.”

California's government and private sector are playing a role in advancing a cleaner economy.

US major Chevron, which has its headquarters in California, said last month it was investing $20mn as part of an initiative with RNG company Clean Energy Fuels to support a greener trucking fleet for California ports.

Chevron’s funding allows operators to subsidise the cost of buying new RNG-powered vehicles or converting the existing fleet, while Clean Energy supports the management side of the initiative.

Under state legislation in California, truck operators, as well as their import and export customers, are expected to cut NOx emissions by up to 98% relative to diesel-fuelled options.