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    Adriatic LNG Reaches 10-Year Milestone


Adriatic LNG gets the bulk of its cargoes from Qatar.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Adriatic LNG Reaches 10-Year Milestone

Italy’s 8bn m3/yr Adriatic LNG import terminal has brought ashore more than 700 LNG cargoes since its launch a decade ago.

The plant, which can cover up to 10% of Italian gas demand, has imported 59bn m3 of LNG since its start-up in September 2009, its operator said on September 10. These volumes have come mainly from Qatar, but also Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, Equatorial Guinea, Norway, Nigeria, the US and Angola

Italy consumed 72.7bn m3 of gas last year, meeting 67.9bn m3 of this demand with imports and 5.5bn m3 with domestic output. According to Adriatic LNG, 59bn m3 of overseas shipments came via pipeline, primarily from Russia and Algeria, while the rest was imported at LNG terminals.

Adriatic LNG’s shareholders are ExxonMobil, Qatar Petroleum and Italy’s Snam.