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    Adnoc, Inpex to Develop LNG Bunkering


LNG as marine fuel is gaining momentum.

by: Shardul Sharma

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Adnoc, Inpex to Develop LNG Bunkering

Adnoc Logistics & Services and Japan’s Inpex have signed an agreement to collaborate on LNG bunkering, the Abu Dhabi-based Adnoc Group said on Twitter December 5.

"Global demand for cleaner shipping fuel is on the rise. Targeting this growth, Adnoc Logistics & Services will explore creating with Inpex an LNG bunkering hub in the UAE, taking advantage of its strategic location and reliable LNG supply from our LNG facilities," Adnoc said.

LNG as marine fuel is gaining momentum as the deadline for the implementation of new environmental rules in shipping approaches.  

The UN's International Maritime Organisation has set 2020 as the year of implementation of its 0.5% global cap on sulphur content in marine fuels. The decision is expected both to accelerate the use of LNG as a marine fuel by ships in the coming years and reduce avoidable deaths from air pollution.