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    Islamic State Renews Attack on the Arab Gas Pipeline



Following a hiatus of a few year, terrorists targeted the arab gas pipeline

by: Ya'acov Zalel

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Islamic State Renews Attack on the Arab Gas Pipeline

Following a hiatus of a few years, terrorists in Northern Sinai, Egypt, have blown up a main natural gas pipeline, part of the Arab Gas Pipeline that transmits gas to Jordan, according to reports in the Egyptian media. The incident took place January 6. "In a blessed operation, Islamic State soldiers attacked the pipeline that supplies natural gas to the apostate Jordanian government from the city of El-Arish," Sinai Province, IS' affiliate organization in Sinai, said. "By the name of God, not a drop of gas will reach Jordan until the caliphate gives its permission," it added.

The Arab Gas Pipeline is a 1,200-km pipeline that runs from Egypt to Jordan and then turns north to Syria and Lebanon. One branch of this pipeline is the subsea EMG pipeline that connects El-Arish with the Israeli coastal town of Ashkelon. In 2011 following the uprising in Egypt, the pipeline became a target for terrorist attacks as Egyptian security forces could not protect it properly.

After more than 10 attacks, gas supply to Israel and Jordan was halted. Later Egypt cancelled the purchase and sale agreement with Israel. Since then supplies to Jordan were renewed at a reduced rate but Israel received nothing.

The renewed attack on the pipeline highlights once again the danger of gas transmission from Israel to Egypt through that pipeline. Tamar Partnership has signed an agreement with the Egyptian Dolphinus Holdings group for the supply of 5bn m³ over seven years through the pipeline. Israel's energ minister has approved the deal but the chances for its implementation look slim.

Ya'acov Zalel