NGW Magazine: Gazprom offers long-term solution
NGW Magazine: Gazprom offers long-term solution

NGW Magazine: Gazprom offers long-term solution

Writing exclusively for NGW, the head of Gazprom Export, Elena Burmistrova, sets out her views on European gas demand, supply and partnership after a year that saw Russian sales records tumble.

With the turbulent environment in the international energy markets, growing competition, ever-increasing globalization of trade, and ambitious climate goals, the natural gas industry is in search of guidelines for further development.

Questions about the role of natural gas in the energy mix, supply sources and the scope of future demand are hotly debated. Moreover, we hear constant calls for the need to rethink traditional business models and recognise new products and new suppliers. At Gazprom we are confident – the European market has already answered all the questions voiced by politicians and posed by newspapers. And Europe’s choice is evident.

We often hear there is too much Russian gas in Europe; that European dependence on Russian supplies is excessive, and that there is no need for new volumes of gas. However, the contrary is true – demand for Gazprom’s gas in Europe is increasing. This year we have set three export records: for daily, for monthly and for annual supplies.

From January 1 to November 30, Gazprom’s export figures reached an all-time high of 162.7bn m³ and continue to grow. In November 2016, Gazprom set an absolute record for monthly exports – 17.6bn m³. On November 29, our exports reached 614.5mn m³/d – enough to satisfy the daily energy needs of all European households. These figures are the best evidence that even when new alternatives emerge, Russian gas remains the most competitive and desired commodity for European markets.

Of course, the first deliveries of US LNG became...

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Elena Burmistrova, director general, Gazprom Export



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