Dow Jones: OMV CEO Expects Nabucco Suppliers To Take Stakes In Pipeline - Report

The chief executive of Austrian oil and gas producer OMV AG expects that key suppliers of its planned Nabucco gas pipeline will take stakes in the showcase project that is slated to ship natural gas from the Caspian region to central Europe, newspaper Der Standard reports ahead of publication Friday.

"I expect that the suppliers will get stakes" in Nabucco, the newspaper quotes Gerhard Roiss as saying in an interview.

Roiss added that the Shah Deniz 2 consortium--a group of European gas majors such as BP PLC and Norway's Statoil ASA as well as Azerbaijan's state-run Socar, that develop a giant offshore gas field which is likely the initial source of gas for the Nabucco project--has expressed interest in participating in the planned pipeline.  MORE


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